Strainer Replacement Basket/Cartridge

  • Strainer Replacement Basket/ Cartridge 4
Strainer Replacement Basket/ Cartridge 4

Strainer Replacement Basket/ Cartridge 4

  • Product ID: Strainer-4
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
  • Supply Ability: 10000
  • Packing: Wooden Case/Pallet
  • Product description: Strainer basket accessories for engine, refrigerator, air conditioner, compressor, pump, gearbox, valve, strainer, tractor, automotive, motor rotor, electronic, chemical, filtration, water treatment.

These Baskets are manufactured from stainless steel, high strength 304 grade, 410 grade, 420 grade and 316 grade, which have the advantages of anti-corrosion and wear resistance. They can be totally used on the basket strainers in the field of chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, and water treatment filtration industry etc. Industrial strainers available are simplex basket strainers, duplex basket strainers, and Y strainers. Simple basket strainers are used to protect valuable or sensitive equipment in systems that are meant to be shut down temporarily. Some commonly used strainers are bell mouth strainers, foot valve strainers, basket strainers. Most processing industries (mainly pharmaceutical, coatings and liquid food industries) will opt for a self-cleaning strainer instead of a basket strainer or a simplex strainer due to limitations of simple filtration systems. The self-cleaning strainers or filters are more efficient and provide an automatic filtration solution.Strainer baskets for water disinfection, chemical industry, petroleum industry, and water treatment filtration industry etc.

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